Akshay Manvi Mahila Sashaktikaran Society (Reg2007)(Non Profit)


Major Activities/Achievements

Educational meetings, question and answers meet, poetry competition. G. ORGANISING OUTDOOR EXCURRSIONS: The society organises 1-2 days trip to religious places. H. RELIGIOUS BHANDARAS: The society organises bhandaras at religous festivals. I. GIVING AWARDS FOR SOCIAL UPLIFTMENT: The society rewards the persons who excel in the field of social, ethical, religious work and increasing the pride of our nation. further, the society celebrated old age women day and honour the old age active and family women. J. CELEBRATING NATIONAL AND RELIGIOUS FESTIVALS: The society celebrates the festivals with utmost zeel and enthusiasm. the society also tries to solve the problems of the persons who approach the society with their social needs.Further, the society also organises two religious satsangs every month and resolving their family problems as well as personal problems. K. CREATION OF OLD CLOTHES, SHOES ETC. BANK- The society has created an old clothes, shoes, books, bag etc. bank in which the same are collected and amended and then being donated to poor children who approach the society. Further, the society is keen in taking the city problems to the local jurisdiction periodically. THE AFORESAID ACTIVITIES ARE PUBLISHED IN LOCAL NEWSAPAPERS ALSO.